General Information

Q:Why use Enhance products?
Enhance have been a major switching power supply manufacturer since 1986. Its product quality, competitive price, global operation and service, technical design and support excellence are the major reasons to choose Enhance as a primary vendor.
Q:How to specify a power supply?
The following are the mechanical considerations when choosing a power supply:
Thermal Considerations:
What is the thermal environment of the power supply? Ambient temperature & temperature rise within the product. What options do you have to keep the power supply running within its intended operating range. No airflow, convection airflow, forced airflow. Conduction?
Electrical Considerations:
DC input or AC input. What is the desired range of the input? If it is Switching AC input model, the approval agencies may eventually require you to have harmonic correction. If a linear power supply will fit the specifications you desire, you will not be able to use the same model for worldwide input. How many output voltages are required? How tightly do they have to be regulated? What is the duty cycle of each output and how do they relate to each other? What is the output peak requirement for each output and for what duration?
Logic & Controls:
What signals do you require from the power supply such as "power good/fail"? What signals do you want to send to the power supply such as "remote enable" or "margin"? Do you need a voltage adjustment pot or remote sense on one or more outputs? Do you need "Standby Voltage" to keep a processor idle until called upon to "wake up" by the operator?
Approval Agencies:
If your product is to eventually be sold in Europe, you will want to consider the CD mark. If it is only going to remain in the United States, you can probably do with the appropriate UL mark.

Sales, Support and Services Information

Q:I am an End-User. Where can I purchase Enhance power supply products?
Please contact us at 562-677-1268 or send us e-mail for a reseller nearby you.
Q:I am a reseller/OEM integrator. How can I apply a reseller account with Enhance Electronics?
To establish an account with Enhance, you will need to provide us with a Reseller Application Form, Company Trade Reference, a copy of Voided Check, and a Reseller Permit Certificate. You can fax it to 562-677-1269. Payment methods for first purchase order would be C.O.D. or Credit Card charge. Please note that it takes ten business days for credit reference check.
Q:How do I pay Enhance Electronics? What payment methods do you accept?
Enhance Electronics accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as well as C.O.D. company checks and money orders for payment on your purchase order. To pay by credit card please download the Credit Card Charge Authorization form and fax it to 562-677-1269.
Q:How long is the product warranty period?
One-Year, including parts and labor.
Q: What is the product return policy and procedure?
Please download our RMA Policy and RMA Request Form first. To get a RMA Authorization number, please fill out the form and fax to 562-677-1269. You should receive the RMA number within 24 Hours.
Q:How long does it take to get my RMA unit back?
Enhance guarantees to return RMA unit within 48 hours from the time we received the defective unit from you. All repaired/replaced units will be expedited via UPS/Ground unless specified.
Q:I have a discontinued product made by Enhance. Where can I find a replacement product from Enhance?
Please contact Enhance sales and support department for up-to-date product Information. Normally, the product life is 12 to 18 month unless specified.

Products Information

Q:What is POST?
POST is a new innovation design to help users easily determine if the power supply working properly. Simply plug-in the AC power cord and press the POST button, the internal embedded chip will generate a signal to perform self diagnostic. If all internal components and circuitry perform properly, the power supply will activate the cooling fan and light up the GREEN power-on status indicator. It tells user there is no problem found inside of power supply.
Available Model: ATX-1136H-PDB-R
Q:Does your product compliant to Intel and AMD processors platform based system?
Yes, please visit AMD ( www.amd.com ) and Intel ( www.intel.com ) web site for more detail test report.
Q: Can I use Enhance power supply to replace my power supply made by (Compaq, Dell, e-Machine, Gateway, HP, IBM, etc.)?
Yes, Enhance power supply is designed to meet industry standard. It will work for your Current PC as long as its physical dimension, output wattage and the original PC power supply is industry standard compliant as well.
Q:How could I ensure the Enhance product will work with my motherboard and chassis?
Enhance have been working with industry leader such as AMD and Intel to make sure product compliant to industry standard form factor. Besides, Enhance also alliance with major motherboard manufacturers (Asus, Aopen, ECS, FIC, Intel, Iwill, Giga-Byte, Microstar, SuperMicro, Tyan, etc.) and Chassis vendors (Chenbro, Enlight, Evercase, Fong-Kai, Gigacase/Yeong-Yong, Min Maw Int'l.., etc.) to ensure product best performance.

Technical Information

Q: I am going to upgrade or replace my old AT form factor PC. Can I use ATX power supply for my AT motherboard based PC?
Unfortunately, No. ATX power supply is not compatible with AT form factor. You cannot use ATX power supply unless replace the motherboard with the same form factor at the same time.
Q:What is the difference between ATX, ATX12V, EPS12V, SFX and SFX12V power supply?
Please refer to the power supply design guide for each different form factor. ATX/ATX12V ; EPS12V; SFX/SFX12V
Q:What is the difference between Ball Bearing Fan and Sleeve Bearing Fan?
The following is the comparison between Ball Bearing Fan and Sleeve Bearing Fan:


Ball Bearing Fan

Sleeve Bearing Fan

Contact Point Line
Cost More Expensive Less Expensive
Fan's Life 50K Hours (Longer Life) 30K Hours (Shorter Life)
Heat Endurance Higher Lower
Lubricant Less Evaporation More Evaporation
Mounting Option Vertical or Horizontal Vertical ONLY
Noise Emission More Quieter Less Quieter
Parts Precision More Precise Less Precise